What is everyone's status

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What is everyone's status

Post  toast on Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:07 am

Every day war gets a bit closer, so I felt I would make this post to try and get a feeling for where everyone is at right now, beyond what I can see on the member list, and outside of the people that I speak with on a daily basis. The alliance is much larger then it once was, and there are a lot of you that I do not know very well or at all.

In an effort to help us get a better feeling for what everyone is doing, and prepare for the upcoming conflict, please post below and include the following information:

setup (armor, shield, weapons, drive anything else of relevance (i.e not fuel scoop, but teleporters and things of that nature are relevant)
skills (i would like to know your hacking and cloaking, and also your fuel collecting. strip mining can be effective Wink please post your cloaking over energy as a percentage rather then a skill, UNLESS you plan on changing ships in the near future, in which case please post your skill)
rank and/or competancy
what you are currently doing, and where
what your next goal is- im not looking for something gooey and cute like "i want to rank to fleet admiral and rule pardus", i just want to know what you're working towards right now, be it the next ship, a monetary goal (although include why), stuff like that
you intentions towards war participation, what you wish to do during the war, and whether you have any experience- that includes trading as well as fighting. traders are, in the end, way more important then fighters.

Thanks Cool

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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  toast on Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:20 am

I'll go first Cool

Hawk, em x5, no shield, 5x 4 MWs, IP drive, ambush teleporter, mag scoop
Tactics: 51.94
Hit accuracy: 58.4
Maneuver: 52.07
Weaponry: 37.33
Engineering: 27.97
Hacking: 11.21 (haha)
Cloaking: Instead of a skill, please give percentage- 78%

Fuel collecting: 13.43

Comp 5, 12% to 6

Im currently skilling around nex 2 or nex 4, and taking spying missions when i find good ones.

I intend to continue doing what I am doing for quite sometime, to reach trade in and begin getting advanced combat skills. when i need funding i will take missions, and at some point rank in ernest to get a sudden death.

i will be participating in the war, and hope that i will be able to sneak into union space at some point and attempt to pod traders and otherwise disrupt the war effort from the inside.


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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Obhur on Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:15 am

My Rank is: Lieutenant Commander
My Competency is 5

My ship is this one:
FSCv4.1|Jeddah Love|19|30|30|30|30|||4|4|4|||||||||||||||||||||||14|4|8||1|1|1|1|1|1|2|2|3|1||||||||||||

My skills are:
Asteroid mining: 16.56
Energy collecting: 25.27
Gas collecting: 18.4
Fuel collecting: 15.09

Tactics: 29.06
Hit accuracy: 35.65
Maneuver: 29.77
Weaponry: 24.23
Engineering: 18.5

Cloaking: 10 (64%)
Hacking: 20.67

I am currently just roaming around from sector to sector looking for Roidworm Horde, Blood Amoebas, Gorefangs and X-993 Squad to kill and thus increase my fighting skills and experience. I gain ~1500 experience points a day. I do some VIP missions for money.

If someone can tell me a more efficient way to skill i am opened for suggestions.

As for the war, I am planning to be part of the BELA team. This is a Behind Enemy Line Attack team made up of 4 fighters (Almegur, Lordtoast, The Chosenon, and Me) and a trader (Still To Be Determined) where we will go to Union space during, or just before the war, and destroy tactical traders, star bases and buildings to weaken their resources.

Because of that, I am planning to run a military drill to test our efficiency in a couple of weeks in Empire space, we will go to Empire Keldon Core star cluster, sector Keldon, and destroy the pilot Chi Yumi's building and try to hunt him down too, this would also help our efforts to seek redemption on him for podding Sisilisko.


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Zuriah war satup

Post  Zuriah on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:53 pm

NDH , EM x5, std.shield, 4 x E120 MT, EAM drive, ambush teleporter, ECM
Hit accuracy: 65+
Maneuver: 60+
Weaponry: 36+
Engineering: 30+
Hacking: 15
Cloaking: 70

Comp 7,
Adv.Skill. currently DC1, hope that in week I have OC1 and DC2

War participation: maybe join into bigger ops with GoP and Halcyon. Also piling up defense stack at Phiagre and maybe joining BELA ops too Smile Currently I am skilling in Euryale nook and after DC2, I go back into ranking.


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The chosenon's info

Post  The chosenon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:11 pm

I got a Reaper. 4 x Bio spore array. x5 org armor. I have like 10T left for Drugs/bots/fuel. Sad
I All the Nice Tss equipement. Exept the dematerliser. I got Hyper drive ECM , Mag Scoop, ambush tel . . .

But I have lots of money and if I Would have to switch for a Fight ship I could get
FSCv4.3|W.B 249|51|30|30|30|30|||5|5|5|5|5|5|5|5||||||||||||||||||14||5|||1|1|||1||2|3|1||3|2|4||||||1||||||

Competency 9-10 (14%)

Here are my skills.
Tactics: 47.34 -
Hit accuracy: 57.26 -
Maneuver: 49.08 -
Weaponry: 33.04 -
Engineering: 26.78 -
Cloaking: 12.32 - ( I GOT CLOACKING DEVICE) 100% On energy. Something like 45% in space
Hacking: 21.08 (Freak Hack) Can Find people/building. If they are not cloacked or Demat.

Asteroid mining: 10.00 10.00 -
Energy collecting: 25.08 25.08 -
Gas collecting: 16.76 16.76 -
Fuel collecting: 27.10 27.10 -

I got 2 x Hull fort. And Navigation 1 But this is not so important. =_= for now.

I REALLY Need and want to get some skills I wanna get a least the Defensive combat 1 and get my skills 65-70
For now Im Xp'ing and After Go Skill.
And IF you ever need money fast I could go do some missions.

I think is ok for now.

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The chosenon

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I forget something

Post  The chosenon on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:15 pm

In this war I would love to blow up things !!
I would like to raide buildings. I got the ship for it. Can Ambush . And don't forget my 8 missils.
Oh and if i Don't carry them I got 45 T free , And I could even Do missions. If im lucky I could do some Bombing missions too.

The chosenon

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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Almegur on Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:51 pm

FSCv4.3|Black-Bird III|19|9|9|30|30|||5|||||||||||||||||||||||||13|4|8||1|1|1||1|1||||1||||||||||||||||
NH with 2x 120MT MD 2x 20 MW LWP 1 Missile if needed, Large Shield, EM x4 Armor, maybe ECM for war, Ambush Teleporter

Energy 14,62
Fuel 19,62

TA 55,16
HA 59,81
MA 56,70
WE 34,80
EN 31,89

Rank 8,51 Comp 5,76

71% cloak on Energy

DC1, hope to get more (6 ASP)

currently in Split, supporting Veedfa OP

in war mainly Phiagre defence i´ll think, but some other options might be interessting too.

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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Mrminjo on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:06 pm

Ship: Mantis (Dark Fang)

convention x3 armor
standard shield
3x 1 MWs
IP drive
escape pod

Noob skills:
Tactics: 33.34
Hit accuracy: 39.42
Maneuver: 33.61
Weaponry: 23.54
Engineering: 23.71

I have never hacked or cloaked in my career o.O

Rank: Lt. Commander
Competence: 7

Currently training on x-boxes. Trying to get man skill up for explosives missions. Other stats are nice too =)

Still going for the grand grape but if I get enough xp before I reach captainhood I will take the BBB but that is highly unlikely. Then i will trade until my ship explodes dozens of times to fund a super ship. Super ship desired is still undetermined.

As for the war I'm still not sure what my role is. I'd be willing to fill any vacant spots on a team but trading will have to wait until i get some skilling done so I'd have more hull space available for maximum efficiency!


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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Saleh on Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:15 am


3 20MW light-weight lasers, 4x conv armor, standard shield generator, fusion drive, light dematerializer, improved cloaking device, class 2 teleporter, mag scoop

Tactics: 37.81
Hit accuracy: 41.41
Maneuver: 28.49
Weaponry: 37.33
Engineering: 23.73
Hacking: 14.43
Cloaking: 10.29 100% due to coaking device

competency 6 almost 7

Right now I am training on x993 BC and such around Phiagre and taking one or another TSS missions I may find around for the Fed and the Union

Right now I am trying to skill enough to be a decent fighter and also rank to get a reaper and then get a blood lanner to get some trading that from that point I would be needing to get more funds for equipment and such

During war I could get inside faction territories to hit the traders even in open space where it seems "safer" to pass or to just help on a little on ambushes on the defense


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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Shadow Hunter on Sat Jan 14, 2012 9:15 pm

ship - VDC

3x 4MW LW Particles
Zortrium Armor
AM drive
Ambush Teleporter


Asteroid mining: 15.00
Energy collecting: 12.80
Gas collecting: 12.24
Fuel collecting: 16.74

Tactics: 18.16
Hit accuracy:23.32
Maneuver: 18.25
Weaponry: 17.72

Cloaking: 23.23 96% on energy
Hacking: 20.60

Competency: 3
Military Rank: Sgt-Major

i'm currently stuck in Liaackti waiting for metal to arrive so i can upgrade my SF to the required lv.
my next goal will be raise rank and competency so i can improve the equipment of my ship. i have no intentions of changing ship until 60+ skills

i have no interest in this war because my skills are very weak, although, when i raise my skills a bit i will want to join some faction wars, and i have 3 years of experience in pardus, but in orion, i only recently joined Arty, but have been a little busy in RL to play the game...

Shadow Hunter

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Re: What is everyone's status

Post  Bobfang on Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:15 pm

Ship: Mercury
Asteroid mining: 10 10 -
Energy collecting: 11.59 11.59 -
Gas collecting: 10 10 -
Fuel collecting: 13.52 13.52 -

Tactics: 31.54 31.54 -
Hit accuracy: 37.89 37.89 -
Maneuver: 31.98 31.98 -
Weaponry: 24.24 24.24 -
Engineering: 19.89 19.89 -

Cloaking: 28.1 28.1 - around 90%?
Hacking: 14.78 14.78

Now that everyone knows how easy I'm to kill, I only have to tell that I'm exping in Edqueth.
'sthis a private forum 'sthis?
Just kidding. I've got over 100 skills and a franken Mercury

Oh and before I forget, I've never participated in a war and I can't get online regularily enough to do it this time, so count me off from your brilliant masterplans will you? (<- I'm sure there's something off in that sentence, but not quite sure what scratch )


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Re: What is everyone's status

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